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Fireplace Accessories

At the Fireplace Showroom, we offer a large range of high quality fireside accessories to compliment any home - and any fireplace.

We supply both traditional and modern fireside accessories including companion sets, fireguards and firescreens, coal buckets and coal hods, fireside cleaning products, coal bunkers, log baskets and a great range of solid fuel appliances.

Real fires are very popular and more and more customers are opting for this stylish design of fireplaces.

In stock we have a wide range of fuel: Firewood Logs, Softwood Firewood Logs, Hardwood Firewood Logs, Kindling Sticks, Firelighters, Coal, Smokeless Fuels, Wood Briquettes, Wood Pellets, and many other fuel related products.

We supply all the products you need to enhance your choice of fire. To see our full range call into the Fireplace Showroom, or contact us by email or telephone we will be pleased to advise you.

Accessories from the Fireplace Showroom